Week 3 – Filler

Week 3 is come and gone and really it served like a bad middle novel in a trilogy series. Just Filler.

Easter came and I did my best to eat Paleo, but didn’t beat myself up when I had dessert. Perhaps I should have, though, because I gained FIVE POUNDS!!! I seriously would have to have embarrassed myself to gain that much weight in 2 days. I asked Stud to confirm if I ate crazily and he seemed supportive of the fact that I didn’t – assuring me it must be water weight (he also wants to live a long healthy life and doesn’t fall into traps). I might agree with him since I’ve returned to eating paleo (except I was so disheartened I now allow myself to use butter in cooking. I know, even when I cheat I’m ridiculous) I have lost 1 of the pounds. I increased exercise too last week and didn’t see any benefits EXCEPT that my heart rate showed improvement.

I don’t feel like writing much more on the subject and am really only finishing the challenge in hopes of knocking the 4 lbs back off and enjoying the fact that I didn’t have to actually meal plan since it was all planned for me.

I will state that I’ve switched from almond flour to coconut flour – but I’m sorry, the paleo pot pie topping is still kind of gross to all of us. Just make the inside part – it’s really tasty. Also, since I did consume non paleo foods this weekend I was able to clearly see that pasta/breads cause me to have almost instant indigestion. I also felt bloated, gassy, and dehydrated. So dehydrated. I’ve really benefited from the water drinking schedule.

ALSO: I made Paleo Mexican Chocolate Cupcakes (http://robinssweetconfessions.com/wp/mexican-hot-chocolate-cupcakes-gluten-free-and-paleo/) and with a few tweaks they were better then some regular chocolate cupcakes I’ve had!! I will definitely make them again!  I used coconut flour instead of almond, used butter instead of coconut butter (no regrets!),  dark chocolate cocoa powder, no cayenne (b/c gross), and used half the vanilla in the icing. CRAZY moist and GOOD! 

I have a new theory for my sleep issues that I think couples with my body’s commitment to not losing weight. Apparently, MTHFR (unfortunate acronym) runs in my family (2 siblings have it) and I’m going to see if I can get tested for it next week. If I have it, which, of course, I think I do (because I once convinced myself that I had a tumor on my pituitary…you can shake your head now) it could explain all my ailments that have really flared up since having tiny humans. It would also explain why my body responds quickly to paleo type diets as it’s the recommended diet for MTHFR’s  (I mean, really?! I giggle at that name every time). Yet, again, I could just be a quack who can’t face that maybe it’s just been a crazy hard 2 years and that alone could cause my problems.

Or I’m just a mother f—ing MTHFR.

Ok. I’m slightly ashamed at that one. But only slightly.

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